Scenario Planning:
Healthcare Reimbursement in a Post-COVID_19 World

How should US reimbursement stategies adapt to an uncertain future?

COVID reimbursement scenario planning cover slide


The impact of COVID-19 on US reimbursement is top-of-mind for many in the commercial and market access space. This specific exercise, conducted recently by Vantage Partners, focuses on how the US reimbursement environment might change over the next three to five years. In exploring that question, this scenario planning exercise puts a particular focus on the stakeholder environment and how healthcare ecosystem players do (and will) interact in the future, as well as touching on some broader healthcare dynamics. 

Scenario planning is a well-established approach for analyzing the current environment and a set of key variables in order to identify a number of ways the future might play out. This approach helps to broaden views about what might happen, as well as surface a few “dominant strategies” that provide sensible ways we might manage potential future scenarios. 

Such an exercise is particularly useful as the biopharma industry continues to navigate this unprecedented moment in 2020. As the situation and dynamics surrounding COVID-19 continue to develop, scenario planning can help those focused on commercial biopharma topics to think in practical ways about making choices amidst uncertainty about the future.

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