Videoconferencing: Challenge Accepted

As organizations of all sizes have shifted to remote work, we’ve all been spending a lot more time videoconferencing these days. We at Vantage Partners decided it was time to get creative with it.



Why an orange?

The story goes, as we teach in our negotiation programs, that two siblings were fighting over the same piece of fruit.

Acting quickly, their parent sliced the orange in two and distributed the orange evenly – when in reality, one child just wanted the juice and the other just wanted the peel. Both could have ended up with all they wanted; instead, each got half of what they sought.

Such is the importance of pausing in the face of opposition, understanding your and their underlying interests, and exploring your joint options.

Now, we pass the orange to you! How creative can you get via videoconference? Vantage Partners challenges you and your team to use your imagination, leverage the digital tools at your disposal, and come up with your own video passing an object – orange or otherwise. (Use #VantageChallengeAccepted when you post it on social media.)

Let’s see what you got!

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