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Negotiating Through Turbulence - and Beyond (webinar series)

The current COVID-19 crisis and associated economic dislocation raise the stakes in many of our negotiations, confronting us with new challenges, and just maybe, offering opportunities if we are able to spot them.   

Many of our strategic customers are experiencing significant operational and financial stress.  This may have a negative effect on the way they negotiate with us, and create an environment that undermines creative problem-solving and strategic thinking just when it is most needed.

In Part One of this webinar series, Jonathan Hughes explored negotiation strategies to navigate risks and uncertainty, using a blend of case studies and recent benchmark data comparing buy-side and sell-side negotiation priorities and approaches.

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In Part Two, Jon was joined by Vantage Principal David Chapnick.  They answered questions about how to negotiate strategically in this high stress environment, shared case study examples of various strategies in action, and provided specific advice for attendee-submitted negotiation and strategic account management challenges. 

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