Enhancing Negotiation Effectiveness: Research-Driven Insights (webinar)

Negotiating is one of the most fundamental, and important, responsibilities of sourcing and sales professionals.  However, even the most experienced negotiators find themselves challenged in situations where the stakes are high and the other side seems to have all the leverage (e.g., single and sole source supplier relationships, key customer accounts).

But what does capture the potential value of a negotiated agreement, enhance organizational negotiation skills, and create leverage over time with suppliers?

During this webinar produced in partnership with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), David Chapnick and David Ward of Vantage Partners share:

-  Results from a recent cross-industry study on negotiation, with more than 400 buy-side and sell-side responses

-  Key insights for leaders on what it takes to create a negotiation competent organization

-  Case studies from leading organizations outlining different approaches to maximizing enterprise negotiation leverage


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