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Financial Services and Fintech Partnership Series

Maintaining advantage in an increasingly complex and interdependent finance and fintech ecosystem

If the recent market success of companies like Plaid and Stripe tells us one thing, it is that the financial services and fintech ecosystems will, in the coming decade, become increasingly complex, interconnected, and interdependent. Effective third-party collaboration and partnering will no longer be a competitive advantage, but an operational necessity.

Players who resist this change and/or fail to proactively plan for this increasing interdependence will struggle to meet the changing needs of consumers, and fall behind more nimble competitors.

Meanwhile, those organizations who are able to form and nurture key partner and vendor relationships are likely to spot and adapt to market changes more rapidly and easily.

In this series, we talk  about opportunities and challenges organizations face across the partnering lifecycle: from deciding whether, and if so how, to partner; to launching and managing individual partnerships; and to partnership portfolio management.

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