Vantage Partners Organizational Effectiveness

Videoconferencing: Adaptive Collaboration

A few weeks ago our Training Services team filmed a short video about collaborating via videoconference, and challenged one and all to share an equally creative, collaborative video.  […]

Videoconferencing: Challenge Accepted

As organizations of all sizes have shifted to remote work, we’ve all been spending a lot more time videoconferencing these days. We at Vantage Partners decided it was time to get creative with it. […]

How to Keep Focused on Your People: Engagement and Learning in the 'New Normal'

The evolving news regarding COVID-19 creates significant challenges for every business. We must act to protect the health of our employees, and we must safeguard the continuity of business operations through this extremely challenging and uncertain period. Even as we focus on complex operational issues like ensuring the viability of our supply chains and upgrading technology to support newly virtualized workflows, we need to put more focus than ever on our people and their well-being. The old dichotomy between “hard” business issues and “soft” people issues was never helpful. Now is the time to dispense with it altogether. […]


Influencing ‘Unreasonable People’: How to Break the Cycle of Dismissal

84% of people report they sometimes or often need to influence “unreasonable” counterparts within their companies, a multi-year Vantage study finds. At one out of every four companies, people predominantly rely on manipulation or coercion to get their way. How can we navigate a workplace where we need the cooperation and assistance of others who often seem disinclined to provide it? We need better ways to influence others—and a new way to think about what influence is. […]