Influencing ‘Unreasonable People’: How to Break the Cycle of Dismissal

84% of people report they sometimes or often need to influence “unreasonable” counterparts within their companies, a multi-year Vantage study finds. At one out of every four companies, people predominantly rely on manipulation or coercion to get their way. How can we navigate a workplace where we need the cooperation and assistance of others who often seem disinclined to provide it? We need better ways to influence others—and a new way to think about what influence is. […]

Finding Real Value in Value-Based Agreements: Know When VBAs Make Sense—and How to Do Them Well

Value-based or pay-for-performance approaches to reimbursement for drugs and devices represent a significant opportunity for innovation—but one that is often missed or misperceived by manufacturers and payers. This article takes a closer look at the current use of value-based agreements, how strategy informs their focus and development, and the very different set of skills it takes to prepare for and negotiate value-based agreements that actually create significant value for key stakeholders—including, most importantly, patients seeking access to new and often high-cost therapies.  […]

Three Takeaways from the ASAP BioPharma Conference

ASAP’s 2019 BioPharma conference was one for the record books. This year’s conference was the most well attended to date. It’s no surprise to us that this record was achieved as the biopharma partnering landscape continues to evolve in new and interesting ways, including: working across industry boundaries designing and executing new types of alliances managing challenges and pursuing opportunities in creative ways expanding within organizations to build broad partnering capability […]

Fit-For-Purpose Metrics

Leaders have more data, and more timely data, at their fingertips than ever before. But too often, access to more and better data doesn’t translate to better insights.  Metrics are frequently defined based on what is what easiest to measure.  But as the old saw goes, not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. […]

Undivided Attention: the BMS-Concerto Story

Originally posted on September 25, 2019 on the Association of Strategic Alliances (ASAP) blog.   […]

Lost in the Matrix Organization: How Complexity Impedes Execution and Innovation

The matrix is now the predominant design for organizations of all sizes, Vantage Partners’ 2013-2018 Organizational Effectiveness Study finds. In the matrix, complexity can foster conflict, engender frustration, and lead to slow and low-quality decision-making. Bedeviled by competing goals and ambiguous reporting structures, people struggle to work with others whose help and support they need, but who receive conflicting direction from above. Nonetheless, market leaders still succeed amidst complexity—by transforming differences from a liability to an engine of learning and innovation. […]

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Four Takeaways from the CHI Strategic Alliance Management Congress

Our team enjoyed presenting (here's our presentation) at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Strategic Alliance Management Congress in Philadelphia earlier this month.  This conference is an annual highlight for us! The specialist focus, experienced practitioners, and commitment to sharing our successes and learnings as a community is always inspiring.  Looking back, we can hardly believe that it has already been over 15 years since Vantage began to work alongside Cambridge Healthtech Institute to build and bring together this community. […]

Insights from the 2019 ISM Annual Conference


Customer-Centricity: Is Your Company Keeping Pace?

(Originally published on the Strategic Account Management Association’s Strategic Accounts blog; reposted here with permission)  Company focus on customer-centricity is increasing rapidly, and the earliest movers are outpacing their rivals. But Vantage Partners’ findings have shown some industries have been slower to evolve. Customer-centricity has become a hot topic over the past few years […]

Get More Value Out of Your Negotiations: Insights from Global Research

When it comes to contract negotiation, most people are focused on the outcome: Did we get what we wanted without having to give up too much?  What negotiators and senior executives often overlook is that how a negotiation is conducted has a significant impact on outcomes, and ultimately on whether or not agreements are implemented successfully. […]