What's your Screen Strategy?

We talk a lot about “screens” these days. We screen for disease; we screen job applicants over the phone; we screen digital content for our children.  There is plenty of debate in the news, at schools, and in offices across the globe trying to determine guidelines for how we might best monitor and optimize and/or minimize “screen time.”  So much so,  that April 29th – May 5th is “National Screen Free Week” – the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC)’s revamp of a 1994 initiative, “TV Turn off week”. […]

Insights from the 2019 ISM Annual Conference


Customer-Centricity: Is Your Company Keeping Pace?

(Originally published on the Strategic Account Management Association’s Strategic Accounts blog; reposted here with permission)  Company focus on customer-centricity is increasing rapidly, and the earliest movers are outpacing their rivals. But Vantage Partners’ findings have shown some industries have been slower to evolve. Customer-centricity has become a hot topic over the past few years […]

Get More Value Out of Your Negotiations: Insights from Global Research

When it comes to contract negotiation, most people are focused on the outcome: Did we get what we wanted without having to give up too much?  What negotiators and senior executives often overlook is that how a negotiation is conducted has a significant impact on outcomes, and ultimately on whether or not agreements are implemented successfully. […]

Align Internally for Better Cross-Selling

The value proposition for cross-selling is simple: combine the power of multiple offerings to deliver increased benefits for your customer and grow your share of customer spend in the process. Executing a sale across business units is rarely that simple however, and the majority of companies are unable to reliably capitalize on the tremendous opportunity available to them by better penetrating their accounts. […]

The Future of Work is Here—What Do Leaders Need to Know?

Companies large and small have been trying to predict what the future of work will look like—how technological innovation, demographic shifts, an increasingly mobile workforce, and the gig economy will shape the work of tomorrow. That future is here. […]

Ready to Externalize? Start internally.

In the past, most companies assumed that the way to create value and, indeed, to win in the marketplace was to have the singular best internal capabilities—from research to innovation to development to manufacturing and beyond. Today, more and more companies know that the best way to bring greater value to customers is by finding, accessing, and taking advantage of innovation wherever it exists—which is, of course, frequently outside the company. They know, in other words, that the key to winning is to “externalize”. […]